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Welcome, to Hopkins Barn!

First, lets introduce ourselves. Hopkins Barn is owned by myself Deb and husband Robert.  Joining our team are our daughters, Mandy, Kirsten and Kendra. Our business is a family affair.

We strive to bring you good products at good prices. Our business focuses on "bags" of all kinds. Everyone uses bags at some point with bags having been used since the beginning of time.

Our goal is to bring you a wide variety of bags, including but not limited to,  handbags, purses, backpacks, wallets, at prices you can afford. What you won't find here are inflated prices and exorbitant shipping fees. Of course, you will incur tax charges as we all know Uncle Sam has to have his share of the pie!

Shopping with us gives you Free Shipping as long as you reside in the Continental USA. The downside to Free Shipping is that you will have to wait to receive your product(s) from 2-4 weeks, but we feel it is important to offer savings in today's economy making the wait worth your while.

Some of our suppliers do offer faster shipping for an increased cost which will be an option for you at check-out. (coming soon)

We hear groans now and we hear the typical response of, "Overseas Junk"....

Do not be fooled, nearly everything you buy today online or at your local retailer comes from Overseas. Even if something is made here in the USA, most of the materials have been imported. So, with that said, we at Hopkins Barn want to provide you with products that you can afford and are of good quality.

Not satisfied with a purchase?  We promise to do everything in our power to ensure you are completely satisfied. Returns and Refunds are not an issue here at Hopkins Barn.

Our Background:

Robert used to work in the Sheet Metal Industry until he retired because of his health, at which time he became a stay-at-home Dad. Mom, Deb worked in the Geriatric field as a nurse. Two plus decades later I (Deb) had to retire due to the wear and tear on my body.

Simply, put we needed to find something to supplement our income while providing something of value.

Hence, Hopkins Barn was born.

Knowing that many of you are in the same economic position as we were, Hopkins Barn encourages you to comparison shop, as you may find a product elsewhere that is of lower cost.

It is a fact of life that we can't always have the lowest prices, simply because we can not afford to go broke. We attempt to bring you the best prices, but we can not guarantee that we are the least expensive.

Do we want you to go elsewhere? Of course not, however our goal is to help you and if you can find something for less, we understand.

If you are looking for something specific, even if it is not a bag, reach out to us and we will try to find it. Our ultimate goal is to provide you with a service that is unbeatable.

We look forward to serving you.

lee jones hopkins barn cb pickers  

Lee Jones, the man responsible for teaching Responsibility, Respect and Honor. Hopkins Barn takes great pride in using the lessons taught to ensure our customers are taken care of and completely satisfied with their purchases. Simply, our Role Model and CEO in Spirit. (4/37 - 6/18) 

    Hopkins Barnhopkins barn

CEO's in Training Tiana and Jadyn.  This will allow us to pass on the baton to the next-generation, keeping Hopkins Barn serving the Public for many years to come!

Hopkins Barnhopkins barn

Mandy Hopkins our Fashion Expert.  Kendra Hopkins our Tech.

hopkins barnhopkins barn

Kirsten Hopkins our Bag Specialist.  Robert Hopkins Owner when he had hair, lol. 

family farm civil war barn

Family Barn, Civil War Authentic, Gettysburg Pa

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